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This Is The Beginning

I was listening to Boy’s new album Mutual Friends last night and I actually paid attention to the lyrics of the first track of the album, This Is The Beginning.  They beautifully sum up the expat experience for me. Open … Continue reading

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My First Year in Deutschland

Today, a year ago, I arrived in Hamburg with a suitcase, a backpack and a job offer, not knowing a single soul, barely a word of German and being an emotional wreck from the sudden ending of a 10 year … Continue reading

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The Negative Expat

During my time in Germany, I’ve come across a type of expat that I can only describe as the Negative Expat. All of us expats have times when we moan and complain about life in our new country as we … Continue reading

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Return from Oz

I’m now back in the northern hemisphere after my two week visit to Australia. I spent an amazingly wonderful weekend with my friends in Sydney which was not longer enough and two weeks with my parents which was too long. … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Expat Life

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Community: A Lifeline for Expats #reverb10

Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? When I was planning (or as much as you can plan in a … Continue reading

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One Month In

I’ve now been on this expat adventure for one whole month now.  I’m still very much in the early days.  Still waiting for my work visa/residency permit to be approved. Still trying to find my way around.  Still struggling with … Continue reading

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Small Bytes

I’ve had lots of thoughts floating around in my head that I want to blog about, but which are not a blog post in themselves, so here is a collection of my random thoughts: Herbst (Autumn) is well and truly … Continue reading

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The Life Changing Event

Finally I can reveal what The Life Changing Event is now that the relevant people have been officially informed. I’m moving to Hamburg, Germany! My company is relocating me to the German office to head up the support team for … Continue reading

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When Baby Steps Turn Into Leaps Of Faith

The past three days have certainly been some of the most interesting days of my life. If you had told me on the weekend where my life would be heading at the end of the week, I would not have … Continue reading

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