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Puncture Wounds, Black Eyes & Martial Arts

I have been doing Kung Fu for over a year now and whilst I enjoy it, it is not something I’m naturally good at.  I have to work hard to pick up things that seem to come naturally to everyone … Continue reading

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Study Shows Gluten-Free Caesin-Free Diets Ineffective in Treating Autism

An article written by the ABC today details the results of a study into the effectiveness of gluten-free caesin free diets in reducing the effects of autism in children.  The study showed that this popular diet does not improve the … Continue reading

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Could Vitamin D Deficiency Be A Cause of Autism?

Image via Wikipedia Scientific American published a thought provoking article last month titled What If Vitamin D Deficiency Is A Cause Of Autism? This hypothesis was raised because of studies in Sweden and Minnesota that showed the rates of autism … Continue reading

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Auditory Processing Disorder

I wanted first of all to say a special thank you to Sandy (@aspieteach) for her great post My Visit To The Audiologist and a tweet about having problems understanding accents due to her APD.  If she hadn’t written either … Continue reading

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How Alternative Medicine Treats Autistic Children

Left Brain/Right Brain recently published an article entitled Transcripts of the Rashid Buttar Trial – a peek at how Alternative Medicine Treats Autistic Children.  This article made me so disgusted and angry. According to this article, Dr Buttar was administrating … Continue reading

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Autism Info Day – Rockhampton, QLD

Information for parents, carers, educators & professionals, living and working with Autism in regional QLD. Seminar program covering: Early intervention Practical everyday strategies Behaviour management Funding options you need to know Event Details Saturday 15th May 2010 12 noon – … Continue reading

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Female Asperger’s Syndrome Traits

This list of Asperger’s Syndrome traits   created by Rudy Simone outlines how Asperger’s presents in girls, which can be very different to how it presents in boys. It is broken down under the following categories: Appearance/Personal Habits, Intellectual/giftedness/education/vocation, Emotional/Physical and … Continue reading

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