How Alternative Medicine Treats Autistic Children

Left Brain/Right Brain recently published an article entitled Transcripts of the Rashid Buttar Trial – a peek at how Alternative Medicine Treats Autistic Children.  This article made me so disgusted and angry. According to this article, Dr Buttar was administrating a dangerous and risky medication to an autistic child without ever actually seeing her and also removed her anxiety medicine without ever consulting with the pediatrician who prescribed it.  Not surprisingly the child deteriorated and only recovered after suspending treatment by Dr Buttar and being placed back on her original medication.

It makes me so angry how these doctors can take advantage of vulnerable and desperate parents of autistic children searching for a cure that doesn’t exist. They peddle false hope and charge parents large amounts of money for treatments that do not work and can potentially harm their children.

Chelation therapy is used in medicine for heavy metal poisoning.  It is not a treatment for autism as autism has never been scientifically proven to be caused by heavy metal toxicity.  This treatment is dangerous and risky and yet doctors convince parents to let their kids undergo these treatments with promises of a cure.

I know that there are many members of the autism community that don’t want a ‘cure’ for autism to be found.  However, I see a strong need for scientists to discover exactly what causes autism so we can get rid these sham treatments that rip parents off.  There is no magical cure for autism. No mega doses of vitamins, no dangerous chelation therapies or restrictive diets will suddenly make your child not autistic.  We in the autism community need to get this message out to prevent parents from being ripped off and to ensure that their kids get the proper early intervention therapies that they need to function in this NT world.

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