A Urine Test for Autism?

A recent study that has been reported on in the Telegraph has raised the possibility that within 5 years time there could be a simple urine test that will be able to detect autism in children as young as 6 months resulting in these children getting developmental therapy up to 2 years earlier than is possible today.  If this test is successful in clinical trials, the early commencement of therapy would result in a huge advantage for kids with autism and could mean that many autistic kids by school age could attend mainstream schools.

The only downside of the test is that it assumes that all children with autism have abnormal gut microbes and this may simply not be the case.  It may be that only a small percentage of kids with autism have these microbes as the study only looked at 39 kids with autism.

Larger scales studies definitely need to be done, but still this is a promising development in the early detection of autism.

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