Busy, busy, busy

I’m so sorry I have not had time to do a proper blog post but life has gotten insanely busy all of a sudden.  Work is just incredibly busy at the moment and when I get home and think I might have time to blog something comes up.

Case in point, last night I thought I would have a relaxing night at home and time to do a decent blog post.  Got home, snuggled my dogs and 15 minutes later my German Shepherd cross Caleb vomited up blood resulting in an emergency dash to the vets and not arriving home until 9:30pm.

Caleb is doing fine – he was bright and happy before & after he threw up blood and at this stage we are thinking it was either a stomach ulcer caused by his arthritis medication or that the grass he ate to make himself vomit actually nicked his esophagus.  I’m more leaning towards the arthritis meds since stomach ulcers are a known side effect.  We have to make another trip to the vet tomorrow night to check his bloods to make sure everything is still okay and he doesn’t have some internal bleeding going on, therefore ruling out tomorrow night as a blogging opportunity.

Tonight and Thursday night I have martial arts training, so now looking at Friday night if I’m not ready to drop dead of exhaustion before I get a chance to sit down and blog.

If you don’t hear from me, I will be found curled up on the couch wanting this craziness to end and for some peaceful routine to return.

About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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