I thought this relocating to Germany process was going too smoothly.  Now comes the visa problems.

I was being seconded to the German office so officially I will still be employed by the Australian office.  This means I don’t need a work visa but will have to apply for a Residency Permit.  I double checked with the German Consulate here in Sydney this morning and was told that I could apply for my Residency permit when I am in Germany and can work without any problems until that comes through.  All well and good.

And then other people got involved and started changing their minds about things that have already been decided upon.  Now my leaving at the end of September is in doubt because I may need a work visa (wait time of approx. 10 weeks) because I may now be employed by the German office and not seconded.  Or maybe I might be seconded for a short period of time and then officially employed by the German office which the German authorities aren’t really going to like as it will look like I’m trying to get around the ‘not working whilst you wait for your work visa’ requirement.

Then we have people doubting the information I got from the Consulate based on information they got from the internet and telling me I need a Business visa but I can’t work on a business visa.  It is driving me insane!!

We had a plan people! Why change things at the last moment??

Now everything is on hold until we hear from various people in Germany (probably Tuesday at the earliest) and someone around here can make a decision they will stick to.

I really don’t need this.

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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2 Responses to Stress!

  1. Fiona says:


    Good luck hun

    • Riayn says:

      Pretty much.
      I’m trying to be calm about it after having my freakout. I will be going to Germany and if it just takes an extra couple of weeks, so be it. Much more important to get this sorted out and do the right thing than to risk being kicked out of the country and not allowed in again.

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