Welcome to Hamburg

I made it!!

After enjoying my luxurious flight over and being thankful my suitcase also made it, I was met at the airport by my new boss Oliver, his daughter Sophia and his Jack Russell dog Lily. Sophia had made me a Welcome to Hamburg sign which is now up on the shelf in my apartment.

On the way to my apartment, we stopped off at the grocery store and picked up a few things, but I found it really hard to shop with people watching me and also my mind was still in travel mode and not in what do I want to eat for the next week mode.

My apartment is in the very green suburb of Winterhunde right near the Stadtpark (Central Park).  It was a lot smaller than I was expecting.  The kitchen barely has room to stand in it and my bed is stored in a cupboard but all in all, it is comfortable and I’m only here until my residency permit comes in and I can rent my own place.

You will all be pleased to know that I have already embarrassed myself and it had nothing to do with me being unable to speak German. After Oliver and Sophia dropped me off, I spent almost an hour unpacking and putting my stuff away before deciding to take a shower.  It was when I was butt naked and about to step into the shower that my doorbell rang.  I grabbed a towel only to find they are incredibly small and barely cover my tits, let alone anything else. Whilst debating the too small towel situation, my front door opens and in walks my new landlady with a coffee machine (what the fuck?).  I open up the bathroom door and have a rather brief conversation with her whilst trying to keep myself covered by both the towel and the door and trying not to turn bright red. What a way to meet my landlady.

After my shower, which was rather nice after the embarrassing start. I decide to walk down to the local supermarket to grab the stuff I had forgotten on my earlier shopping trip.  I found the supermarket which is called toom markt and it is gigantic, like a massive warehouse of groceries. The shopping was rather uneventful, but the journey home was not.  I am now not allowing myself to take any “shortcuts” until I know the area.  I ended up walking 10 minutes in the completely wrong direction.

After getting home and unpacking the groceries, I realised I had forgotten the one main item I went to the supermarket for – butter.  Next time, I’m writing a list.

It’s only 5:20pm, but I’m starting to fade.  I will make some dinner in about an hour and hope that the kitchen doesn’t have any tricks up its sleeve and will have an early night.

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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5 Responses to Welcome to Hamburg

  1. Congrats on getting there and getting settled. Odd about the landlady! Glad to hear everything is going well so far.

  2. Looking forward to reading about your European adventure.

  3. Fiona says:

    Hope the coffee’s good!

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  5. Bed in a cupboard lol :)

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