Day Two

I had plans that if I woke up early I would head down to the Fishmarkets and since I was up at 5am thanks to the jetlag all was going well to fulfil that plan until I looked out the window and saw the large amount of rain falling from the sky.  There was no way I was going out in the dark and rain to some unknown place especially since I wasn’t even sure how to get to the metro station.

So I stayed holed up inside until sheer boredom drove me out of the apartment into the rainy weather around 9:30am.  It was soon as I stepped outside that I quickly came to the realisation that my clothes were not suited to a cold 10C rainy day in Hamburg, not even close.  Unfortunately, being Sunday, nothing was open to remedy this.  Therefore the shopping expedition will have to take place tomorrow evening.

I brought a street directory at Central Station and used it to find how to get from the metro station to my office so I won’t be wandering around completely lost tomorrow morning. I also checked out what shops were in the local shopping district for my great clothing expedition tomorrow.

Whilst wandering around in the rain, I texted a fellow Aussie, Amber, that I had met online to see if she was interested in meeting up and thus I found myself at her apartment in Altona having a gorgeous lunch with her and her girlfriend Leonnie.  It was so lovely to just hang out at a friend’s place talking about lesbian film and bitching about Centrelink and the Australian government.  It felt so normal and ordinary at a time where everything is so strange and alien.  I can foresee that I’m going to need times like these to remain sane as I adjust to my new hometown.

My impression of Hamburg so far is that it is a gorgeous city, but the weather is shit.  I have taken a couple of photos and will upload them tomorrow when I have some data available.  Seems that my surf stick does have a daily data limit and I maxed it out downloading the season premiere of Bones.  Whoops!

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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5 Responses to Day Two

  1. weez says:

    Glad you’ve found a familiarity touchstone in your new environment.

    However, your comment about bitching about Centrelink prompts me to mention that most complaints about the outfit are distortions. The vast majority of Centrelink staffers do everything they can for clients within the legislation. Can’t count the number of complaints I’ve heard about either Centrelink being an endless gravy train for the undeserving or an uncaring bureaucratic edifice that doles out insignificant pittances to the desperately needy. The truth is at dead-centre between the extremes.

    • Riayn says:

      We weren’t bitching about the staff, we were bitching about Centrelink’s policies in terms of job assistance and how you don’t get any help until you have been unemployed for over 12 weeks.
      Also having a lovely bitch about the government’s change in benefits for gay couples which contained no grandfather clauses meaning that older gay couples actually lost money and Centrelink bringing in people to quiz them on if they were a gay couple simply because they lived in the same house.

  2. GenderQ says:

    I could’ve informed you that it’s cold but hey, now you know! Hope you get settled in quickly :)

    • Riayn says:

      I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold in September. I thought my “winter” Australian clothes would have been okay until the end of the October. Guess not. :)

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