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NaBloPoMo aka National Blog Posting Month is upon us once again and for another year running, I’m insane enough to do this.  For those of you who have never encountered NaBloPoMo before the rules are quite simple, you post one … Continue reading

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One Month In

I’ve now been on this expat adventure for one whole month now.  I’m still very much in the early days.  Still waiting for my work visa/residency permit to be approved. Still trying to find my way around.  Still struggling with … Continue reading

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Making Connections with Solo Expat Women

Female expats seem to fall within four broad categories: the trailing spouse, those who move for love, au pairs and then there are those of us who are doing the whole expat adventure solo.  It is these women I really … Continue reading

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Shopping with a flu-addled brain

I have the flu.  I’m at that wonderful stage where your head feels like it’s been stuffed full of cotton-wool and the world moves around more than it really should do when you stand up.  I shouldn’t have gotten off … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather We’re Having

This is the weather that Hamburg has experienced today: Snow – which occurred very early this morning so I missed it *cry* and it didn’t stay on the ground. Heavy Rain – I got this on my walk to the … Continue reading

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Linguistically Retarded

Linguistically retarded – it’s a phrase I read on an expat site and it really sums up how the language barrier makes me feel.  I know using the R-word is very un-PC, but linguistically challenged really doesn’t go far enough … Continue reading

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Bottle Recycling in Deutschland

Back in Australia, recycling your PET bottles goes something like this – put the empty bottle in your recycling bin.  Simple. In Germany things are a little more complicated but ultimately cooler.  In Germany you pay a pfand (deposit) of … Continue reading

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