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It seems that when I blog about online dating, you are all interested.  My traffic went up quite considerably.  Well, I’m going to make you wait for an update on that, sorry folks, but other stuff has happened that I want to blog about first, like my very first day at German language school.

Tuesday night was my very first class at German language school.  We were told to get there at 5:45pm to buy our books from the bookshop, but some very unGerman planning had meant that they were completely out of stock of the book we needed.

My class is fairly big with 11 people in it from all over the world – England, India, Argentina, Costa Rico, Phillipines, Japan, Italy, Romania and China.  Most people speak English as a second language so German will be their third or some of them their fourth language.  I’m in awe of them.

Our teacher Martima is fairly young but she seems good and is quite a lot of fun.  She was mock rousing on us for speaking English in class – ‘Keine English, Deutsch!’ as our class is taught all in German, no other languages allowed.  However, when you or someone else don’t understand something or want to clarify what a word actually means, we have to speak English.  Also, most of us couldn’t resist getting to know our classmates beyond the roleplaying conversations in German.  I mean, once you know someone’s name and how they are doing, you want to move onto other topics. I had a great discussion with P from Argentina on South American girl names, seems everyone actually has the first name Maria.  With V from Costa Rico we talked about how she is handling going to high school in Germany and with F from Italy we talked about his PhD in Geophysics.  The guy is doing some really interesting research into earthquakes.  These are conversations that none of us are up to having in German.  We are just up to asking someone’s name.

After class a group of five of us went out to the pub – yes the first class drove us to drink.  It was great getting to know them a bit better, finding out why they are in Hamburg and how long they’ve been here.  Still can’t get over M who is from Romania who has been in Germany for 2.5 years and this is his first attempt at learning German.  How do you live in a country for that long and not try to learn the language??  His excuse is that he works hard and parties hard.

I think this class is going to be a lot of fun. Challenging, but fun.

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3 Responses to First Day Of School

  1. Lenny says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    I’ve been through the same procedure with language classes – In Denmark, where I was a immigrant 10 years ago. And danish is a language of the same difficulty level as Chinese :D

    Best regards

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