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I used to do drama as a kid, in fact it was my entire life from age 7 to 20 when I then moved away from my hometown to go to university and left that world behind.  Therefore, when I discovered that there was an English speaking amateur theatre group here in Hamburg, I decided to get back involved in the world of theatre as I have really missed it.

The Hamburg Players run an improv class every Wednesday night, so with some trepidation and a more than a mild case of nerves, I took myself along last night. I honestly shouldn’t have been so worried – I had an absolute blast and also I didn’t embarrass myself. A huge win in my books.

The people there, who were a mixture of native English and German speakers which was really great, were so lovely and welcoming that I felt at ease shortly after we got started.  We played a few games that I played as a kid and taught my own drama classes and a few new games as well, including Party Quirks that if you are a fan of Whose Line is it Anyway? you will be very familiar with.

One of the games we played was Drama a la Carte, where one person has a script and reads out lines from one of the characters and the other person has to just react to the lines they are being fed.  The resulting scene can end up quite surreal.  I was the person without the script and actually didn’t find it too challenging to just go with it.

In fact, I was surprised at how much fun I had and how I actually wanted to get up and do things.  Usually I always hang back not wanting to draw attention to myself in fear of making a complete fool of myself, but last night, I wanted to get in there and give stuff a go – so totally not like me at all.

I definitely will be going back next week.  In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion I agreed to be part of the improv group that performs in front of the club’s Annual General meeting in a couple of week’s time.  Yikes!

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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