Small Bytes

I’ve had lots of thoughts floating around in my head that I want to blog about, but which are not a blog post in themselves, so here is a collection of my random thoughts:

  • Herbst (Autumn) is well and truly here.  Orange and yellow leaves litter the footpaths and the roads.  It’s so different to Autumn in Australia where we don’t really get that many leaves on the ground as the majority of our trees are evergreens.  Also, it’s already colder than winter in Sydney. Today is 6C with the added bonus of drizzle and strong winds.
  • I only worked out today what that weird red box thing sitting on the top of my kitchen cupboard was.  It’s a toaster.  I brought a toaster last weekend.  Fail.
  • My next door neighbour, Herr Kupfermann, starts his day by singing opera quite loudly. Oddly, I find this kinda cool.  It’s nice to know someone is enjoying their morning.  Currently, it’s 1pm and he is still singing.  He must be having a really good day.
  • I have no idea how to work my radiator.  I will need to ask someone which embarrasses me greatly, cause what idiot can’t work a radiator in this country. The joys of being an expat from a warm country.
  • In Germany, all English TV shows are dubbed into German and sometimes they change the name of the show.  NCIS is called Navy CIS and Ziva doesn’t have an accent (in the original version she has an “Israeli” accent since the character is ex-Mossad).  This bothers me more than it really should. Also in The X-Files (Akte-X), the dubbed voice of Scully sounds like a drag queen.  I find this amusing, but it also makes the show unwatchable.
  • I saw some bottles of Schweppes soft drinks in the supermarket today and it made me deliciously happy, cause it was something I recognised from home.  However, then it made me realise how alien everything else is here.  Nothing quite describes the feeling of going grocery shopping when you can’t even read the labels.  Thank god most products have pictures on them.
  • I finally found a jar of minced garlic.  You wouldn’t believe how difficult this was to find.  My local supermarket doesn’t stock it.  Also, said jar of minced garlic was kinda expensive, but I brought it anyway. I can’t cook without garlic.
  • I went clothes shopping yesterday during lunch with the guys from work.  Yes, clothes shopping. With guys. During lunch. This has never happened to me before.   I feel way more comfortable when we go shopping for computer stuff. Still I brought an awesome hoodie.  From a men’s store.  Good thing they don’t expect me to be girlie.  They got that notion dashed on day one.
  • I’ve been in Hamburg for 3 weeks now. Still love it, still having a good time.
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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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6 Responses to Small Bytes

  1. Fiona says:

    Heh. I couldn’t get the heater going in europe either.

    if it helps it snowedin canberra today!

  2. Jen says:

    I really struggle with the dubbing thing here, too. It’s awful and it makes everything unwatchable. You lose so much of the performance by dubbing over their voices, though I guess I can understand why they do it. The Germans are quite proud of their dubbing, it’s funny.

  3. Anon says:

    I hope you will ask someone about the heater. I used to live in Germany, too. I also did not understand the heater (it ran on oil) and I accidentally started a fire with it. Thankfully, there was no real damage and no one was injured, but it could have been a tragedy. Please ask someone about the heater.

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