Amber, my fellow Aussie expat here, invited me to go with a group from Couch Surfing on a diurnal foto safari of the medieval village Lüneburg, about 40 minutes outside of Hamburg.

I had a fantastic time. The people were just awesome and a great mixture of expats and Germans and despite the cold (it was about 6C), we spent 5 hours wandering around taking photos.  The village is just beautiful and even after 5 hours we didn’t see everything, so I definitely need to make a return visit.

So, photo time…


The mill pond



Looking down the street



Lüneburg Drain Cover



One of the many brightly painted doors in Lüneburg



Just look at all the gorgeous flowers outside this house. Just beautiful.



As in every city, people dump their unwanted furniture and electrical goods on the curb.



I fell in love with this pot of yellow flowers



Typewriter shop sign



Fall leaf on the cobblestone



The main street of Lüneburg


All the rest of my photos of Lüneburg can be found here.

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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7 Responses to Lüneburg

  1. Klaus says:

    It is so much fun seeing my home country through your eyes (and your camera). Now I understand why Taiwanese like to read my blog here.

    Actually, I never made it to Lüneburg, despite having lived in Hamburg for some years. You would call it a village (Dorf)? To Germans, it definitely is a town (Stadt). How many people live in Australian villages?

    • Riayn says:

      I think Australians tend to call any German or European town that isn’t a capital city a village. But you are right, it is probably more of a stadt than a dorf, however, I really like the word village. :)

      In Australia, we have cities (populations of 500,000 and above) and towns (anything smaller than a city), we actually don’t really use the word village to describe any of our cities/towns.

      • Klaus says:

        In Germany, anything up to ca. 5-10.000 is considered a Dorf, more than that a Stadt (starting with Kleinstadt).

        There are no clear criteria. Haßloch, with a population of 20.000, is officially a Dorf, and some Städte only have a few hundred people. That depends on if the place got Stadtrechte (city rights) at some point in the distant past or not.

        More than 100.000, and congratulations, you are now officially a Großstadt.

  2. tqe | Adam says:

    Nice photos — I really enjoyed my day in Lüneburg last month. Did you make it to the salt museum at all?

  3. Jen says:

    Great photos! I definitely recognize some of the doors and places! It is a very cute town, isn’t it?

  4. Linlin says:

    Moin, moin! I was googling pictures of Lüneburg and I found your blog here. Nice essay and nice photos!: )

    I was an exchange student in this small “village” in late 2010 and early 2011. I am surprised to see that I was probably there when you visited the city (or village, whatever). And even more surprisingly, you were standing just next to my house, down to my window, when you took the 2nd photo.

    Well, I forgot to say that I am Chinese. My German was not good either when I arrived there. I don’t know if you still have language obstacle now, but changing an environment is amazing and will leave usually leave a nice impression on our future, especially when you move to places like Germany. ;-) Wish you a pleasant stay in Hamburg!

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