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One of the things I’ve really missed whilst I have been living in Germany is being able to watch TV in English. I miss just being able to have the TV on the background whilst I do things around the house just tuning in here and there without having to pay attention to every single word.  I also miss just hearing English.

Today as I was flicking through the channels after doing my mandatory 30 minutes of watching TV in German for the day, I stumbled across MTV and it was in English! However, the show is absolutely dreadful.  It is one of those shows I would never watch back home, I would skip past it whilst shaking my head about some of the total idiots that inhabit this world. Here, however, I stop and watch it, just so happy to hear English coming from my TV.

The show is called Next and has a girl or guy who has to choose one of five guys or girls to go on a date with.  All the people on the show are self absorbed pretentious little shits who make me weep for the future of humanity, but still I watch it.

As I have sat here writing this post, Next has ended and now we have the lovely offering of “Date My Mom” where moms go on a date with some young guy to score a date for their daughter. It is actually better than “Next” – sad but true.  Ok, I take that back.  The date just had a deep long conversation with the mother about her breasts.  *face palm*

The things you do in Germany just to hear English on your TV.

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2 Responses to The Things You Do…

  1. wodenhausen says:

    You need to get Sky! Then at least you have 10 or so channels where the shows may or may not be in English. Of course, nothing new – usually “King of Queens” or “Two and a Half Men” but anything is better than Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (which they seem to show all of the time on MTV here) and every once in a while you get lucky. Plus there are lots of movies on if you get the Cinema package. If it’s a movie you know (like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Grease or something) and it’s in German it should count double towards the language learning time. :) I also go on when I need to get my fix of Glee or Grey’s Anatomy.

  2. Fiona says:

    mwahaha Next is one of those shows i watch at the gym when it’s on Channel V. It’s sooooo bad it’s good. But I’d be nexting quicker than most!

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