Further Adventures in Online Dating

Long Distance Relationships
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I realise I haven’t given any updates of my venture into the world of online dating since the beginning of October.

Let’s see since my last update, there was the crazy stalker woman who was trying to set me up to provide her with a whole new life in Germany to get her out of a life she wasn’t happy with.  She didn’t get any of the many anvils I dropped saying that I was not going to play that role with her.  Thank god for the block function.

I”ve had lots of interesting discussions ranging from the sex toy industry in China to roller derby in the US and have found the majority of the people on the site to be rather normal people who are just trying to find people they connect with (crazy stalker woman aside).

I also found myself very close to starting a long distance relationship with a lovely girl living in Boston, but as much as we both wanted something to happen I really wasn’t in the right head space to start something potentially serious with someone in a different country while I was trying to adjust to life in a new country.  I think I made the right decision there and we are still in touch and still friends, so it’s all good. Also, on a completely selfish note, it was good for my self-confidence to have someone find me appealing enough to want to enter into a long distance relationship with me and spend money on a plane ticket to come see me.  To be completely honest, I really needed it.

I think for now, what I’m looking for is someone who lives close to me to have some fun with.  I don’t think I’m in the right head space for anything serious. Also, I’m kinda enjoying the single life. I think it is good for my psyche to spend some time just focusing on myself and working on making myself a better person.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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