Class Excursion to the Weihnachtsmarkts

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Our German teacher suggested a couple of weeks ago that we take a class excursion to the Weihnatchsmarkts to drink glühwein.  We decided to make it last night as many of my classmates are about to head home for the Christmas holidays.

There was only five of us in class last night, our numbers have been gradually dwindling.  Still, we headed out to the markets at the Rathaus, drank glühwein and got to know each other better than we could whilst sitting in class.

Our German class is a very mixed bunch, all of us are older professionals who are taking classes at night after work. My class consists of S from India, H from Iran, K from Japan and R from Brazil and despite our very diverse backgrounds, we find we still have much to talk about. Mostly about adapting to life in Germany and problems with the language, but it is good to know that everyone else is having the same problems as you are.

Our German teacher admitted to us, after two mugs of glühwein, that we are the only class she is currently teaching and that she invited us all out because she wanted to hang out with us and not be our teacher.  This revelation actually explained quite a lot.  Our teacher really goes the extra mile.  She makes the classes a lot of fun and you can tell she really enjoys teaching us. Also, she brings us stuff in to make our transition into German life easier – info about local events, films in our native languages, how to access the local library etc.

We have decided that we should have these social nights more often and S invited us all to his house after the holidays for an authentic Indian banquet. Yum!

I must admit, I didn’t expect my German class to become a social thing.  I expected it to be a matter of turning up twice a week, doing my classwork, perhaps having a laugh or two (we tend to laugh a lot in class) and then heading back home.  However, I really like the idea of getting to know my classmates and teacher better and having the opportunity to socialise and share this journey of integration into German life together.

I also learnt a very important lesson last night, do not drink glühwein on an empty stomach as this will get you drunk very quickly.  Fortunately, I didn’t do anything embarrassing except babbling a bit more than normal. However, today I’m paying the price and suffering through a glühwein hangover.

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3 Responses to Class Excursion to the Weihnachtsmarkts

  1. wodenhausen says:

    I only wish my class were so cool! My teacher was actually a little bit scary and I couldn’t imagine her wanting to hang out with any of us in the class…sadly. I think she was more annoyed by us than anything and thus my reason for taking the next session with another schoo. Glad you had such a great experience and hope the next session works out just as well. :)

  2. Graham says:

    I hope it wasn’t Glühwein “mit Schuss”, or the hangover could be even worse.

  3. Jen says:

    That’s so fun! I think an excellent and devoted teacher makes all the difference.

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