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First Phone Conversation in German

I had a mini-breakthrough today in my extremely long term goal to learn to speak German.  I had my very first phone conversation all in German.  It was to organise when the technician will come over to install the internet … Continue reading

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Design Of My New Tattoo

I have wanted to get another tattoo for many years now, but I just couldn’t settle on a design that felt right.  This will be my third tattoo and the number three is fairly important to me having been born … Continue reading

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Surviving IKEA

Image via Wikipedia I’m moving into my new apartment on Saturday and since I’m an expat who brought nothing with her but a suitcase, I need to buy everything I need to set up house.  Therefore a trip to IKEA … Continue reading

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Bringing some nerdom to learning German

In my German class this evening we were talking about what activities we do at certain hours of the day.  One guy in my class announced that at 11:30pm, he is surfing the net.  This got me to wondering if … Continue reading

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The Success of Operation Find-An-Apartment

After hearing horror stories about people taking up to 6 months to find a place to rent in Hamburg, I was expecting Operation Find-An-Apartment to take a very long time.  However, I completely lucked out and was offered on Sunday … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Zentralbibliothek

One of my friends Amber suggested that one of the best ways to improve my German was to get myself a library card and start borrowing children’s picture books.  I thought this was an outstanding idea and today I made … Continue reading

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Tiny Steps in Mastering German

I experienced a major accomplishment in my quest to learn to speak German today.  I was able to describe to my workmates what the two apartments I viewed last night were like, all in German! The sentences were extremely basic … Continue reading

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