You look really German

I was buying a card at a local shop and, as what happens so much these days, the transaction was going fine until the cashier said something in German I didn’t understand. I apologised and said my standard line “Ich sprehe nicht gut Deutsch”.  The cashier replied in English, “I’m so sorry I didn’t realise, it’s just you look very German.”

I have no idea how I am supposed to react to that.  Am I supposed to be happy that I apparently blend in so well to German society or should I be upset that I don’t look foreign enough so that people will immediately realise that I don’t speak German?

Instead I just said “Umm.. thanks.”

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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6 Responses to You look really German

  1. San says:

    I don’t even know what that means “you look real German”…. mmmh, what does a German look like?? You should have inquired. :)

  2. Probably just meant you didn’t give off a touristy vibe.

  3. Klaus says:

    Hey… but you do!

    Meaning, you do not stick out in such a way that people start wondering “Hmmm, dunno if that girl is German, she somehow looks different. Wonder where she might be from.”

    Is Australia that much of a melting pot, so people do not have this kind of thoughts there?

    • Riayn says:

      Sydney is much more racially diverse than Hamburg. Here in Hamburg the vast majority of people are white, it is rare to see anyone who isn’t. In Sydney, it is almost the total opposite. Therefore, people are very unlikely to say that someone looks Australian.

  4. Beet says:

    Maybe is just shows that people are people and they see what they expect to see.


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