Tiny Steps in Mastering German

I experienced a major accomplishment in my quest to learn to speak German today.  I was able to describe to my workmates what the two apartments I viewed last night were like, all in German! The sentences were extremely basic and probably full of grammatical errors, but they understood me.  This is the first time I have been able to talk about something in German rather than asking or responding to questions with learnt phrases.

So, what did I say? (All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are mine!)

Die Wohnung war ins Winterhude nicht gut. Das Schlafzimmer war klein, sehr klein. Nicht raum für ein Bett.  Aber die Wohnung ins Eimsbüttel, ich liebe es.  Es hat ein Balkony und eine Spülenmachine aber keine Lampen.

In English

The apartment in Wintehude was not good. The bedroom was small, very small. No room for a bed. But the apartment in Eimsbütell, I love it. It had a balcony and a dishwasher but no lights.

It is a very small step on the path to becoming fluent in German, but an important one.  However, it was awesome for my confidence levels to be able to talk about something in German and be understood.  Still much work to be done though, but I feel like I am making some progress.

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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7 Responses to Tiny Steps in Mastering German

  1. Jen says:

    Yay, that’s great! That is a major accomplishment to communicate something even if it’s imperfect. They understand anyway.

    • Riayn says:

      It felt good to actually say something and communicate a viewpoint. My workmates were awesome in praising my very broken German too. They are great guys.

  2. Roxanne says:

    Yay for small steps. Happy mastery of German!

  3. Klaus says:

    I would have understood you, too. Way to go!

  4. So cool! Trust me, it will only get easier. Its always those first few speaking times that will fluster you up. Just stumbled across your blog and looking forward to following it from now on!

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