Bringing some nerdom to learning German

In my German class this evening we were talking about what activities we do at certain hours of the day.  One guy in my class announced that at 11:30pm, he is surfing the net.  This got me to wondering if he plays World of Warcraft, cause I wonder these things.

On the walk home from class when my brain was still in German mode.  I was thinking about how I would ask someone if they played WOW and what I would say if someone asked me the same thing.  Therefore I came up with the dialogue below;

Q: Spielst du World of Warcraft?

A: Nein, aber ich will World of Warcraft spielen.  Ich spiele Dungeons & Dragons.

(Thanks to the guys on Twitter who helped me phrase the question properly cause I couldn’t work out if it would be Spielst du oder Machst du.)

Maybe I might learn German a little quicker if we were talking about nerdy things like WOW and D&D instead of what people are doing on a cruise ship.

Damn, now I want to be able to say my D&D character is a level 3 mage-rogue elf in German… hmm maybe something like Mein D&D charakter ist ein Level drei mage-rogue elf.  What are the classes in the German version of D&D?

*It should be noted that one of my workmates wants me to hurry up and learn German so I can join his gaming group.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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5 Responses to Bringing some nerdom to learning German

  1. Beaker says:

    D&D in German is still D&D :) At least as far as I know, but the TV show was called “Im Land der fantastischen Drachen” – I’ll leave that one for you to figure out..

    • Riayn says:

      I’m wondering if the classes are the same; mage, rogue, fighter etc or if they all have German names. Guess I could always go and pick up the German version of the Players Handbook.

  2. tqe | Adam says:

    What a fantastic reason to learn a specialty segment of German.

    There’s a shop near where I live where nerds nerdout on these kinds of games. The people in the shop look just like the people in such shops in America.

  3. Polonius says:

    A straightforward translation would be “Ich habe einen elfischen Stufe 3 Magier/Dieb”. (Really nerdy aside: “Dieb” means “thief” and is Ad&D 2nd edition terminology – I have no clue whether they still use the same term in 4th ed., maybe it’s called “Schurke” these days. Never having played 4th edition, I can’t really say.)

    • Riayn says:

      Thanks! :)
      I’ve only played up to 3.5 and Rogue was still Rogue, so I imagine it’s the same in the German language version, but who knows. Guess I should go get the 4th edition players handbook.

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