First Phone Conversation in German

I had a mini-breakthrough today in my extremely long term goal to learn to speak German.  I had my very first phone conversation all in German.  It was to organise when the technician will come over to install the internet in my new apartment.  The conversation itself was very simple, just finding out what days they had free and organising a time, but I didn’t need to ask them to switch to English or to go and grab someone who speaks German.  I’m sure I got some grammar wrong but they understood me and that’s the most important thing.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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7 Responses to First Phone Conversation in German

  1. Beaker says:

    Congrats! It’s baby steps, the milestones for me were getting my hair cut in German (ask Claire how that worked out for her!) and making my first appointment! I actually had another huge one today… My first physio session all in German! Congrats, and keep aiming for the next milestone

  2. Beaker says:

    Ahh, physio was pretty successful… but it was surprisingly difficult to explain things like “Normally it feels fine, but when I try to lift something and it’s not straight then it hurts” in German… I ended up with something like “Falls ich versuch etwas ab zu hölen, wenn nicht richtig gerade, mein Handgelenk tut weh.” but maybe one of your other readers can let me know how badly I got it wrong :D

  3. wodenhausen says:

    What an accomplishment! I still hate talking to family over here on the phone because it’s so difficult. I really need facial clues and hand motions to help me. Making an appointment? Not nearly ready for that. Congrats!

  4. HUZZAH!

    Is huzzah, huzzah in German? Cause if it is you know another word. Say thankyou Kelley…


  5. fiona says:

    Hello, I just found you via Frau Dietz. I really don’t like phone conversations, it’s really hard to judge if your German is ok unless you get some kind of response. I made a doctors appointment over the phone and the receptionist just kept responding “hmmm” after everything I said. Afterwards I wasn’t sure whether I really had an appointment or not. So when you have a successful conversation it’s great! Well done!

    • Riayn says:

      I agree, phone conversations are hard as there is no context that you get if you don’t understand a word or two. I had a disastrous phone conversation today with Ikea to get my mattress delivered. Seems I take one step forward and two steps backwards with my German.

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