Rocking Phone Conversations & Thwarting Would Be Robbers

Today I had three successful phone conversations all in German.

The first one was to organise the delivery of my fridge tomorrow at 12.  I actually had this conversation in front of my workmates as the delivery company called when we were at lunch.  My workmates said very nice things about how well my German was coming along and that they were proud of me being able to organise the delivery all in German.

My second phone I had was with my ISP provider as I came home to find my internet not working. This was a simple conversation in which I was told the right number for technical support.

The third conversation was with technical support, again no one spoke English so they had to put up with my very bad German.  Mein Internet ist kaputt is a very useful phrase. However, I was able to give my name and address and tell them that no I didn’t cancel my internet as it was just connected on Monday. I have no idea why they thought I cancelled my account but supposedly my internet will be back up and running tomorrow.

Whilst I was on the phone to my ISP, a guy came to the door and told me that his friend used to live here 2 months ago and asked if he could use the toilet.  I told him no, I didn’t know him and he wasn’t coming in and I closed the door.  He kept ringing the doorbell so after I finished on the phone, I went to confront him again.  Again, he kept telling me about the toilet and how his friend used to live here and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.  I got a very bad feeling about this guy. I knew that he was trying to gain entry to rob me or possibly worse, so I enlisted the help of my downstairs neighbour Frau M who speaks English, just in case there was something legitimate about this guy.  Turns out there really wasn’t and Frau M was eventually able to get rid of him.  I was quite pleased that I was able to follow most of their conversation.  After this guy left, Frau M told me that my landlord’s son used to live at my place and he had some rather undesirable friends, this guy being one of them.  Sounds like my neighbours are very glad that I moved in.

I’m starting to think that perhaps there is a hope that I will learn to speak German. I had been feeling rather disheartened about how little progress I seemed to be making, but I think this move has been really good for forcing me to try to speak German.  Without a partner here who speaks the language, it is up to me to organise everything and deal with things when they break and if the other person on the end of the phone doesn’t speak English, then I have to speak German to get things done.

All of the above made for a very eventful Tuesday.  Now, German homework and then bed.

* I know I owe you all a blog post about my move and pictures of my new place.  It is coming, I just haven’t had time to download the photos off my camera.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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4 Responses to Rocking Phone Conversations & Thwarting Would Be Robbers

  1. Jen says:

    Damn, that’s really scary about the guy! I’m glad you had a neighbor who took care of him. :-(

    And that’s awesome about having so many phone conversations all in German! That’s such a huge step! I admit I’m still nervous about phone calls.

    • Riayn says:

      The incident with the guy was a little unnerving when I later thought at it, but at the time, I was just annoyed at him that he wouldn’t take the hint and leave.

      Phone calls are really not my favourite thing, but I’m learning to at least just give them a go. I guess the worst thing that can happen is that I have to ring back later with someone who speaks German.

  2. wodenhausen says:

    I really am quite impressed with all of this! While it has to be difficult to have to do all of this with no help, it has obviously helped with your German. I honestly do not think I could have pulled off setting up the delivery and all, although you’ve given me reason to try to start making my own calls instead of passing them off onto the husband, even if it’s so much easier that way.

    Sorry to hear about the crazy person showing up at your door. You did right to get help and get rid of him. Luckily he didn’t try to push his way in or anything when you had the door open.

    • Riayn says:

      It has been difficult, but a really good learning experience and has helped immensely with my confidence to just get in there and start speaking German to the best of my ability. I just find I run out of vocab rather quickly and there is a lot of the conversation I’m missing also due to a lack of vocab. Obviously I need to start improving my vocab.

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