The IKEA Furniture Building Party

Since I moved to Germany four months ago with just a suitcase I had to buy everything I needed for my new apartment.  Therefore, I made numerous trips to IKEA to purchase furniture and other essentials and was fortunate enough to get it all delivered on the day I moved.  My wonderful, fabulous friends kindly agreed to help construct all my furniture in exchange for pizza and beer.

This is what they had to deal with:

All the flat packed IKEA furniture including the amazing flat packed couch.

Joel and Eddie building the TV unit

Me, Izzy & Joel during the construction of the TV unit

Tessa building the wardrobe. It took her hours but she stayed through to the bitter end.

The infamous book shelf with the piece with the holes drilled on the wrong side. Eddie took to it with a drill and was triumphant.

Claire, me and Tessa dealing with even more parts of the wardrobe

The guys even set up my TV for me which we then tested out with the Doctor Who Christmas special

Claire, Tessa & me with the complete wardrobe

The amazing IKEA furniture building team - Joel, Claire, Lee, Martha, Me, Tessa & Eddie

I can’t even begin to thank my friends enough for all the hard work they did helping me set up my new apartment, especially since I’ve only known them for four months.  They are truly amazing and awesome people and I feel blessed and honoured to call them my friends.

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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