Romantic Love & Daylight

Author: Bagande

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Question from Sanity is Knocking:

Any romantic love interest flying your way, as in someone you’d like to be more than just a friend?
How are you doing with the less daylight issue? Do you have daylight savings time over there?

There is no romantic love even remotely on the horizon.  I know a grand total of one other lesbian here and she’s heading back to Australia at the end of the month. I’m not entirely sure how to connect with the lesbian community here, except for hitting the bars and I’m not a 100% certain that’s a good way to meet people.  It’s a great way to have a one night stand if I was looking for that though. :)

Still, I’m okay with having a break in my love life.  I’m really enjoying this time to just focus on myself, on becoming a better person and working through the baggage of my failed 10 year relationship so that if/when the opportunity comes along to enter into a romantic relationship, I can be the best person possible for that person.  It’s also nice to be able to be selfish and do the things I want to do without having to consider someone else’s wishes.  I’m enjoying the freedom to just be me.

With regards to the daylight issue, I won’t pretend that winter wasn’t a little tough on me coming from a country where we have so much sunshine.  The sun rising after 8am and setting before 4pm was, during Christmastime, quite bearable as the whole city was decorated with lights and an endless supply of glühwein.  However, after Christmas, the long dark nights became very tiresome indeed and I’m loving the return of the longer days. I think the wisest thing I did ( and am still doing) is to take Vitamin D tablets. However, the real test will be my second winter here when things aren’t new and exciting.

Daylight savings time kicks in in Europe on 27th March.  I can’t wait!


About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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3 Responses to Romantic Love & Daylight

  1. Dixie says:

    I think you’ll like being able to sit out at a cafe until 22.30 when June rolls around. It’s lovely.

  2. We recently switched over to DST and it’s been lovely here. Plus, spring is settling in nicely so I wish you early spring weather too!

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