Gearing Up For The New Season Of Doctor Who

The new season of Doctor Who is almost upon us and if you follow me on Twitter, you might have guessed that I’m incredibly excited about the new season.

I didn’t watch Doctor Who as a kid, I was aware of it, but since in Australia it was screened on a Saturday night when I was off being busy being a child stage actor, I never got to see it. However, I’ve been hooked since the 2005 relaunch after someone let me into the big secret that Doctor Who is not meant to be taken seriously like your usual sci-fi fare. It is highly ridiculous at times and always tongue-in-check, but that doesn’t stop it from being truly awesome.

With one of my favourite TV writers, Steven Moffat, at the helm for his second season, I can’t wait to see what purely brilliant story arc he comes up with this time round.  Also Neil Gaiman, my favourite fantasy writer, has written an episode for this season (episode 4), just adding to my excitement about this upcoming season.

So, what can you expect to see this year?

Come on, admit it, that trailer kicked ass.

Just to whet our excitement some more, they released two mini-episodes for the UK fundraiser Comic Relief.

Part One

Part Two

Then to send us into overdrive last week came the Prequel to the season opener.

So, who is going to join me on Easter Saturday (or probably Easter Sunday by the time I get it) for the Season Opener??

With all the UK expats in Hamburg, there has to be some Doctor Who fans here, right?  I wonder where they all are.


Update: A brand new trailer for season 6 was released today.

River’s awesomeness just grows & Amy is welcome to wear a checkered shirt as much as she likes.

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