Predicting Your Next Tweet

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I just found a fun site that predicts your next tweet based on previous tweets called That can be my next tweet and have spend the last 20 minutes giggling at what it has come up with.

My favourites are:

I’m the complete opposite of Dora Explorer.  (this is true)

Origin of awesomeness is the again this morning’s run.  (Hell yes!)

Was thinking no, but I’m in my Android.  (if only I could become one with my Android, love my phone)

Brain dead after doing a potential new series.  (maybe if I was a celebrity)

I guess I was an answer in pigtails.  (maybe I should start wearing pigtails more)

Annoyed that I didn’t get to help me for eating more of torture.   (Actually I’m just annoyed I ate torture in the first place)

We are very annoyed.  (Oh yes we are)

I now have top posts, latest email if you get the Chinese symbol for the report uploaded to see you get!  (Now this could become a spam email)

Blogged: A purple tutu!  (If hell freezes over & I ever do wear a tutu, you bet I’m going to blog about it)

I have a clown literally in French. (But are French clowns creepier than German ones?)

Caffeine is the government over my first IT job.  (Caffeine is the king of all IT jobs)

Back from Lotus Notes back tomorrow morning, simply because I hate indecision. (I also hate Lotus Notes)

Cuckoo clocks are not at high speed. (that sounds rather profound)

My German TV is the window have a stagger flail walk then a form of nowhere.  (that does sum up German TV quite well)

Holy shit. Pub trivia in German homework. (oh gods, my worst nightmare)

What morons. (now that is something I would tweet!)

Damn this site is addictive!  What is your most amusing ‘your next tweet’?

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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2 Responses to Predicting Your Next Tweet

  1. Stereo says:

    I’ve been seeing this everywhere and I really can’t wait to give this a try!

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