Boxes From Australia

Seven months ago I packed up all the things I wanted to take with me to Germany into five boxes.  Today, they finally arrived.

My Boxes

It was just like a second Christmas as there were things that I had forgotten that I packed like

Plushy Cthulhu - every house needs an Elder God


My little dragon

The first thing I unpacked was my DVD player.  I have missed having a DVD player so much, especially since the purchase of my brand new TV.  Naturally, I had to test it was working with something appropriate.

It works

I also discovered I packed my medals that I won at the Gay Games competing in martial arts

1 Silver, 2 Bronze

and my forensics textbooks

Just in case I stumble across a crime scene that needs investigating

This was my bookcase before my boxes arrived.


and this is it after


Why yes, most of those five boxes were books and DVDs.

My apartment feels much more like home now that I have all my things.  Now comes the hard part, deciding which DVD to watch first.

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About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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12 Responses to Boxes From Australia

  1. Fun! Glad to hear your space feels more like “home”.

  2. Rah says:

    I spy some Dr Who DVDs and all the Harry Potter books

    Well done! :)

  3. Fiona says:

    Awesome :D Nice to settle in some more

  4. Frau Dietz says:

    Brilliant news!! That must feel amazing to have all your things again. Thanks for letting us peek into the boxes :)

  5. GAH. Sort of wish Hamburg was closer. Am always looking for English speakers to lend/borrow sci fi books from. And from the looks of your shelves (love the geek factor of being able to recognize the bindings of Harry Potter books without actually being able to read the titles on the side), I would love to be able to do some book swapping with you. Happy reading and watching!

  6. Books definitely make me feel more secure and at home. That’s what defines it for me.

    I wonder what will happen when my entire “home” library of books and music can be fit onto schleppable electronic gadgets? Will I need to ship 8000 lb (that’s what it was from Tokyo to New York when I moved) ever again?

    I shipped my wine collection, too. Anyone for a 97 Brown’s of Padthawy Shiraz?

    • Riayn says:

      I don’t know if I could ever convert my books to electronic format. Yes, it is more portable, but it loses that experience of reading an actual book. Nothing can replicate that.

      Also, I think shipping a wine collection is extremely important.

      • shoegirl says:

        Ugh, just the thought of replacing all my beautiful books with a Kindle makes me want to cry. I understand for us world movers it makes more sense (and saves a lot in shipping fees!), but it’s just not the same.

        We bring some of our favorite CA wines with us from each visit back. So worth the additional weight charges!

  7. Yelli says:

    Better than Christmas I would say!!! Love the Cthulhu but where is your flying spaghetti monster? :)

  8. shoegirl says:

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a full bookcase, I say! Congrats on getting all your things!

  9. WaAussie says:

    I know when my boxes with my vastly reduced earthly’s possessions arrived it was like Christmas again, and it made my apartment really mine too.

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