TWC: Come Along Pond

I’ve decided to start a brand new segment on this blog entitled This Week’s Crush (TWC), basically as an excuse to be able to post photos of gorgeous women.

So, in honour of the Season Opener of Doctor Who premiering this week, we have the smart, sassy, opinionated and gorgeous Amy Pond who is played by the equally gorgeous and occasionally adorably dorky Karen Gillan.

What I love about Amy Pond is not only is she smart enough to outwit the Doctor from time to time but she is not afraid of her sexuality and is more than happy to use it if it will give her an advantage.  This is one empowered modern woman and TV really needs more of them.

Then there is her adorable Scottish accent, which I’m so glad that producers of Doctor Who let her keep and in fact have made somewhat a running joke of since the character is supposed to have lived in an English village since she was 7 and by all rights should have lost her sometimes very thick Scottish accent.

There is only one downside to Amy Pond and that is the ridiculously short skirts they have her wearing.  Now, not that I don’t mind a pretty women in a short skirt, but they are extremely impractical to go running around saving the Universe in.

See, highly impractical. However, I will make an exception for the Police Uniform, they can feel free to bring that back as often as they wish.

Now, if I haven’t convinced you about why Amy Pond is worthy of TWC perhaps this clip from the mini Doctor Who episode will be enough.  Amy Pond flirting with….herself.

Thank you Steven Moffat.

* Title comes from one of the Doctor’s most frequently said phrases last season
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11 Responses to TWC: Come Along Pond

  1. Great choice. Doctor Who is fan-bloody-tastic. And the Pond character is definitely the best sidekick (co-traveller?) Who’s the best Doctor, though? Hmmm.

    I really miss BBC iPlayer. Any thoughts on how I can watch the new series??

    • Riayn says:

      You can install Expat Shield –
      When this is turned on, you are assigned an UK IP address and can access BBC iPlayer. I’ve been using it to rewatch Season 5 Dr Who so I can confirm that it works as advertised.

      • Frau Dietz says:

        I totally failed to sort Expat Shield for myself, however I have been able to stream all sorts of BBC goodness that I was missing via online streaming sites such as… ones I shouldn’t mention on here? Or should I?

        Also, I think I am going to like this feature. Gold star, Meg, thanks ;)

        • Riayn says:

          Yes, there are ways to get TV shows that sit in the grey area of law. However, Expat Shield is 100% legal. :)

          Glad to hear you like TWC.

          • Frau Dietz says:

            Hm. In this case, please would you give us a tutorial on the IP address bit, because that is where I failed. Completely :S

          • Riayn says:

            To use Expat Shield, right click on the red shield in your task bar (after you have installed it) and choose Connect. This will launch a browser window where it shows you it connecting and assigning an IP address. Another browser window will then be launched with really annoying ads including videos. Feel free to close this. Expat Shield is now working and you should be able to launch BBC iPlayer (don’t launch it before you turn on Expat Shield). You will be able to see banner ads at the top of the screen advertising BBC iPlayer – these are served by Expat Shield and are another indicator that it is working.
            That’s all you need to do.

  2. Frau Dietz says:

    Thank you for that!!! Unfortunately I’ve just visited the website and been reminded that it was in fact not through my own imbecility that I was unable to work it, it was because I use a mac.


  3. Distressed from Wiesbaden says:

    I can’t get ExpatShield to work. It’s like someone cancelled Christmas.

  4. Fiona says:

    Shorts in the first one, so much for practical ;)

    And yes, hotness :)

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