TWC: Hello Sweetie

This Week’s Crush is yet another Doctor Who character (did you think I could just stop at one?), the sassy, sexy timetravelin’ archaeologist River Song played by the gorgeously classy Alex Kingston.

River Song is, in my opinion, the most interesting female character in sci-fi….ever.  A bold statement I know, but rarely has there been a character steeped in so much mystery who can make you laugh and break your heart at the same time.

What little we know about River Song is that she first meet the Doctor at some time in her past, but he first meet her on the last day of her life (in his 10th incarnation) and they keep meeting up in the reverse order. River’s past is the Doctor’s future. Therefore, River knows the Doctor very well, but he barely knows her.  It makes the dynamic between the two at times very strained and yet they seem to naturally fall into the bickering and teasing usually seen in those who have been married for many years.  We also learn that River Song is currently serving a long prison sentence at a maximum security facility called the Stormcage for killing a man and yet she seems to spend more time out having adventures with the Doctor than she does in prison, usually getting past the guards by use of hallucinogenic lipstick.

What I love most about River, besides the mysterious nature of her character, is how much joy she gets out of life.  River nearly always looks like she is having the time of her life and since she has confessed that she lives for the days when she sees the Doctor you can tell she is trying to pack as much excitement and fun into every moment as she can whilst she is with him.  It makes her character absolutely fascinating to watch.

We have been told that during this season of Doctor Who we will find out exactly who River Song is and whilst I have some personal theories, I know what ever the eventual truth will be, it’s going to be spectacular.

* Title comes from one of River’s catch phrases. Her other one is ‘Spoliers!’
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