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Back From Frankfurt

I’m back from my weekend in Frankfurt and experiencing a level of exhaustion I never thought possible without a long distance plane trip being involved.  You see, my parents snore, loudly and without stopping for the entire night.  Therefore, I’m … Continue reading

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Let The Insanity Begin

Because my life is incapable of having stuff happen with nice breaks between them, I am now facing 10 days of insanity where I will be covering a far bit of Germany and getting very little sleep.  Tonight I’m going … Continue reading

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TWC: CNN is my crack

I admit it, I’m a news junkie.  I love knowing what’s happening in the world and why.  I am cable news’ prime demographic. However, when I lived in Australia, whilst I kept my eye on the news, I didn’t watch … Continue reading

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The ‘I Expect Better’ Campaign

First we had the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign where GLBT adults and their supporters recorded messages for GLBT youth letting them know that life as a GLBT person gets better in an effort to reduce GLBT youth suicide. Now we … Continue reading

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German Letter Writing

My A1 test is coming up next month and one of the exercises we have to do in the test is to write a letter.  Therefore, our German homework over the weekend is to write a letter to someone back … Continue reading

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ABC’s New Fall Line-Up

ABC has just announced that they will be picking up two new shows to add to their Fall line-up – Once Upon A Time and Charlie’s Angels and because I receive press releases for Entertainment Bloggers (not sure why though), … Continue reading

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Apparently Racism is OK in Hamburg

The poster below is plastered up over many U-Bahn stations throughout Hamburg. It’s an ad for a show by an apparently popular comedy act. The posters for their different shows are always on display at U-Bahn stations.  For those who … Continue reading

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