Radio Silence

I have just realised that I really haven’t posted much about life in Germany for the last couple of weeks.  Sorry about that.  It’s just that nothing blog post worthy has actually happened.  Things here have become familiar, including my language stuff ups. I’m feeling comfortable and settled here which tells me that I need to get myself out and having more adventures before things become boring.

My parents arrive in Hamburg on Friday and we are travelling to Berlin the following weekend, so I expect much blog fodder to be produced in the next couple of weeks, along with heaps of photo posts.  I’m really looking forward to being a tourist in my own city this weekend and exploring Berlin the next.  My little camera is going to get a much needed workout.  If you have any suggestions of places that my parents and I should visit in Berlin, please let me know, we already have Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie on the list.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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8 Responses to Radio Silence

  1. tqe | Adam says:

    Checkpoint Charlie is over-rated–even if my office is a couple blocks away. There are other, less circusy, parts of the Berlin Wall worth visiting, like the part next to Nordbahnhof–Think the Gedenkstätte und Dokumentationszentrum Berliner Mauer (

    Beyond that, it depends upon your interests. I like the Allied Museum (Alliiertenmuseum in German), which talks about Berlin post-WWII and its divisions, from the US, British, and French perspectives. The German History Museum (next to Museum Insel) is also excellent.

    If you want art, there are a ton of museums, depending upon the era and types you are interested in. Plus going out to Potsdam to see its attractions makes for a pretty full day.

  2. I don’t know Berlin but I’m certainly looking forward to reading (and seeing) all about it here.

    It’s on my list of places to visit, you see :)

  3. Jen says:

    Have a great time with your parents. That’s great you get to show them your new country. :-)

  4. Deidre says:

    It is a bit strange when the new country becomes just an ordinary life style.

  5. Yelli says:

    Do you have reservations for the Reichstag? They don’t allow you just to visit anymore.

    Have you considered a tour? I REALLY love the Berlin tours. My favorite is the Berlin Walks. The free ones can be inconsistent.

    Don’t forget the Memorial to the Murdered Jews. Really amazing. It is right near the Reichstag.

    I would also add “Brauhaus Lemke” or “Max & Moritz” both amazing restaurants for enjoying German food. Prater is a great beer garden (for Northern Germany anyways)

    I love taking visitors to the Documentation Center that Adam suggested already and I would add strolling around Kreuzburg to see an “edgier” Berlin. Saphir or Hasir is my favorite place for Turkish food. Try the “Manti” (turkish ravioli).

  6. scottsabode says:

    Hope you’re having a great time!

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