TWC: CNN is my crack

I admit it, I’m a news junkie.  I love knowing what’s happening in the world and why.  I am cable news’ prime demographic. However, when I lived in Australia, whilst I kept my eye on the news, I didn’t watch it all the time.  There was other things on TV that I wanted to watch.  However, when I moved to Germany, suddenly TV changed from a relaxing past time to a frustrating experience.  I couldn’t understand anything that I watched on German TV.  But I was saved from my frustration by the only free English TV channel that my TV could receive – CNN. Thus began my obsession with CNN.

I’m ashamed to admit that I watch CNN every single day, sometimes for hours on end. Usually it is just on in the background as I surf the web, cook dinner or clean the apartment, but other times I am transfixed by it. Given how much CNN I watch, it is little wonder that I developed a crush on one of the anchors, the gorgeous Hala Gorani who hosts the iDesk.

This my type of woman – intelligent, witty, passionate and gorgeous. Her area of expertise is Middle Eastern politics and so lately she has been in high demand by CNN. She doesn’t back away from asking the tough questions to whoever she is interviewing regardless of their reputation or standing.  She is also obsessed with her Blackberry and Twitter – she even tweets during the middle of her show (during the ad breaks, of course) if she has something interesting to share.

However, she isn’t all hard-hitting professional journalist.  She tweets photos of herself and the crew playing football on a rooftop in Jordon in between shows.

and gets upset in a humorous fashion about her Blackberry dying whilst on assignment

We definitely need more female journalists like Hala – and I’ve got to hand it to CNN that they are doing an awesome job in promoting them.  More often than not the person presenting the news on the International Edition of CNN is a woman, (not sure what the US version like as obviously we don’t get it in Germany).

Therefore, you can see why I watch so much CNN, right?

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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3 Responses to TWC: CNN is my crack

  1. cliff1976 says:

    You’ve got good taste. I moved onto Hala Gorani after my Zain Verjee stopped being my CNN girlfriend by moving to another channel in 2006 or so.

  2. Kell says:

    She is one sexy lady, but that does play second fiddle with her. She is hugely intelligent and one of CNN’s better anchors.

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