This afternoon I will be jumping into a van with 4 German guys and heading off to Bad Tölz for Orkkriege III.  Bad Tölz is in the south of Germany near the Austrian border, therefore we need to drive almost the length of Germany to get there.

It’s a long way and will take us almost 12 hours to get there.  There is talk of crashing at one of the guy’s sister’s place in Northern Bavaria so we can get some sleep.  If that happens I will be able to charge my phone.  If it doesn’t, then I will be around on Twitter today (Wednesday) only and then won’t be back online til either very late on Sunday or Monday morning. Alas, Orkkriege III being a medieval camp won’t have power outlets. If by some random chance it does, I will bring you updates on what it’s like to take part in a LARP and to do so mostly in a foreign language.  It’s going to be insane, but hopefully lots of fun. I can’t wait to play my character.  She’s so much fun and hopefully she will survive the battle between good and evil whilst trying to protect a noble who has a death wish.

So, I shall be back on Monday with lots of photos, a few bruises and hopefully some great stories.  Be good to each other and have a great weekend.


About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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One Response to MIA

  1. Have a great time….sounds like an adventure. :)

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