Tell Your Story

I was watching CNN last night (gee, what a surprise) and they were interviewing a photojournalist who was in Libya covering the revolution.  He said there was times where he thought he was going to die but he choose to stay as he believed if you weren’t going to tell the story then no one else is going to tell it for you. I thought about how that related to blogging, especially those of us who do personal blogging. I have often thought of stopping blogging as honestly, who really cares about my tiny life. But there is truth to what the photojournalist said. Whilst what is going on in my life is nowhere near as important as the revolution in Libya, it is still my story and perhaps someone, somewhere might benefit from it being told. Maybe they might feel less alone or less weird and to have that effect on someone would be truly amazing.  So I blog and I tell my story and by doing so I’ve connected with some absolutely amazing people who are also out there telling their stories.

I also heard another amazing quote last night: Live a story worth retelling. Now that is a good recipe for both blogging and life.


About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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2 Responses to Tell Your Story

  1. Hear, hear. All writing is important. All truth is important. I, for one, enjoy hearing yours.

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