The Damage Done By The Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax

Lots has been written about the Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax perpetuated by Tom MacMaster. There are many people in the lesbian blogosphere who are feeling hurt by this man’s lies over a staggering 5 years that he pretended to be a Syrian lesbian, least of all his/her ex-girlfriend. It has raised the point once again that you can never be 100% sure that you people you talk to online are genuine.

When Tom revealed himself as Amina, he said that he never intended to hurt anyone as if lying to people over five years could all be done away by a disingenuous apology. Well, you fucking douchebag,  your lies has now given a murderous regime ammunition to discredit the Syrian anti-regime online activists.

You haven’t just hurt lesbian bloggers, but you have now hurt the people who you claimed your fake blog was helping. You have allowed the brutal Assad regime to cast doubts on the validity of the anti-regime movement. Are you happy with yourself now? Do you feel good about your hoax? Do you still feel proud of the new tagline on your fake blog – “The Image is not the Real; When you realize that you were reading a story, rather than the news, who should you be angry at? The teller of tales that moved you?”  The image might not be real, but the damage you have done is. A simple apology is not going to be enough this time.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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