Germany: The Land of Clean Toilets

Toilet in german theater munich

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When tourists visit Germany one of the things they most complain about is having to pay to use the toilet.  Using a public restroom in Germany can cost anywhere from 20c to €1. However, paying to use the toilet is one thing I will never complain about here. Why?  Because the toilets are clean.

In my travels, I have never encountered a nation of such exceptionally clean public toilets as Germany.  With the extremely rare exception, public toilets here are well stocked with toilet paper, have almost no reminders of what the last person did in there and you aren’t afraid to walk on the floor or touch any of the doors. If that is not worth paying a little bit of money for, then I’m not sure what is.

So, lighten up, beloved tourist.  Hand over your 60c without complaining that you don’t have to pay to use the toilet where you are from and experience what you will probably never experience there, a public toilet that is almost as clean as your toilet at home.

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9 Responses to Germany: The Land of Clean Toilets

  1. I totally agree, although I do get annoyed when the price goes over 1 EUR, since there doesn’t seem to be any added cleanliness as the price goes beyond that. ;)

  2. shoegirl says:

    I can’t tell you much I LOVE this! Gross bathrooms are one of my biggest pet peeves, so I’m happy to hand over my money for a clean toilet! I was beyond shocked when on one of our first roadtrips here, I discovered that ‘gas station’ bathrooms were some of the cleanest in the country. I wouldn’t even touch one of those in the states!

    • Riayn says:

      I know, aren’t they gorgeously clean? Also with some of the gas stations, you get a discount on your purchases of food and drink just for using their toilet. Love it!

  3. Frau Dietz says:

    My favourites are (obviously) the ones with the revolving seats. Unfortunately, my excitement about spotless German public toilets has been blemished by one really, truly awful experience I had at a train station last year which has left me nervous about every visit since. It does of course mean though that I’m now extra extra EXTRA overexcited every time I discover I could eat my dinner off the floor of one of them.

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  5. cliff1976 says:

    Just another reminder of what a good idea it is to carry some coins on you at all times — for the coin-op unattended ones and to show your appreciation on the tips plate. I’ve grown to feeling nervous about only having paper money on me when I travel.

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  7. peter ro says:

    so embarrassing, you really need to go & as a tourist you have no coin! what does one do? Its a disgrace. In Australia toilets are clean, plentiful & all FREE just as it should be

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