Jesus: Madman or Something Worse

Madman or Something Worse is a fascinating documentary for anyone who has an interest in theology and should be made mandatory for anyone calling themselves a Christian. Written by Peter Brietbart, it examines Jesus’ teachings and compares them to today’s moral standards.  In Brietbart’s opinion, “Jesus of Nazareth was an awful moral philosopher. He compares badly to such modern greats such as Mill, Rawls or Ross and also to historical thinkers such as Aristotle, Diogenes or Plato. His moral contributions are not original, and his original contributions are not moral.” If Jesus came along today with the exact same teachings that are written in the Bible, he would be committed to a psychiatric institution and for very good reason. If you find this difficult to believe, then please watch the videos below, it will only take 15 minutes out of your day.

I’m always surprised by the lack of knowledge religious people have about their very own religious texts. The Bible, including the New Testament, is not a book by which people should live their lives, it is one of the most violent and hateful pieces of fiction every written.  Don’t believe me? Then read it from start to finish, the whole thing and tell me at the end that you still think it is a book of love.  If it was written as a work of fiction instead of as a religious text, it would be banned from nearly every library in the Western World.

Also, for those of you who don’t think I have the right to criticise religion, you are mistaken.  Something that has that much power over people’s lives should be heavily criticised.  We criticise the governments who make the laws about what we can and can not do in our own countries so why should religion that makes laws about what its followers can and can not do not face the same criticism?

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6 Responses to Jesus: Madman or Something Worse

  1. Hmm, I’m just wondering where all of your hatred has come from in relation to Christianity and religion? Please forgive me if I’ve mistakenly read the tone in which you wrote this post in. I’m genuinely curious though. I think that people think about the concept of Christianity of being about love because the idea that someone would sacrifice part of himself (or his son) to save another person displays a type of love, and that the greatest commandment is to love. Regardless of interpretations, that remains the greatest commandment. If nothing else, any type of belief system/structure/religion/etc that includes compassion for other people, or “love”, is of benefit to every culture.

    It doesn’t mean that crap hasn’t happened in the name of God that shouldn’t have….like perhaps the Crusades, but it doesn’t mean it’s all crap either.

    Just my thoughts. I was curious about your thoughts/opinions/backstory about it all though. Please don’t take anything in my comment to be preachy – it’s just one girls opinion out here in the big world wide web.

  2. Oh, and in response to the videos, can I suggest some reading material? The book is called The Case for Christ. There is probably a synopsis on Amazon for you to read.

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  4. MikeinAlaska says:

    ” Wow! I watched both of the videos based on the “mandatory for anyone calling themselves a Christian.” recommendation. I laughed out loud multiple times. I’ve been a Christian pretty much my whole life. You also stated that you are, “always surprised by the lack of knowledge religious people have about their very own religious texts.” I’m surprised at how little humanists/atheists/and some Christians understand about the Bible. In Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Christian apologist Josh McDowell, he references C.S. Lewis’s statement that Jesus could not have been a moral teacher, he didn’t leave that option available. You can’t walk around and say, “I am the way, the truth and the light and no one comes to the father but by me.” Unless you are the son of God. If you claim to be God and you know you are not, you are a liar. If you claim to be God, and you are not God, and you don’t know it, you are a lunatic on the level of a poached egg. As the gentleman in the video suggests, you should be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The Christians I hang out with and know recognize this. But we recognize Jesus as who he claimed to be, the Son of God. He also did not address the resurrection of Jesus. The point of several books similar to “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” are to prove the biblical account of Jesus according to the standard of a court of law, “Beyond a reasonable doubt”. McDowell was an atheist who hated Christians and set out to prove them wrong because in his eyes they were basically idiots. Along the way of writing his book, he became a believer in Jesus as the incarnate Son of God. When McDowell examined the evidence, he could come to know other conclusion than Jesus was who he claimed to be. Christians are not the dummies that the media, atheists and secular humanists make them out to be.

  5. MikeinAlaska says:

    A few typo’s on my above post…it’s pretty late. :)

  6. h8theists says:

    Mike… You’re an idiot.

    Jesus had to be a nut, either that or his authors were. People forget about LSD, a compound found in ergot; a mold found on unlevened bread. Unlevened rye was a widly utillized commodity in the day. I’m sure people saw all sorts of fantastic shit. I’ve done acid before and I can say, it was pretty easy to see why people talked to gods and shit.

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