Why I ‘Hate’ Christianity

Crossed out CrossI got the following comment to my last post Jesus: Madman or Something Worse and I felt my response deserved a post of its own.

Hmm, I’m just wondering where all of your hatred has come from in relation to Christianity and religion? Please forgive me if I’ve mistakenly read the tone in which you wrote this post in. I’m genuinely curious though. I think that people think about the concept of Christianity of being about love because the idea that someone would sacrifice part of himself (or his son) to save another person displays a type of love, and that the greatest commandment is to love. Regardless of interpretations, that remains the greatest commandment. If nothing else, any type of belief system/structure/religion/etc that includes compassion for other people, or “love”, is of benefit to every culture. It doesn’t mean that crap hasn’t happened in the name of God that shouldn’t have….like perhaps the Crusades, but it doesn’t mean it’s all crap either.

Just my thoughts. I was curious about your thoughts/opinions/backstory about it all though. Please don’t take anything in my comment to be preachy – it’s just one girls opinion out here in the big world wide web.

I’m an atheist, therefore I dislike all religions, however, Christianity is what I write about the most as it is the religion I am most familiar with.  I was placed in a Baptist Sunday School before I could even walk and spent my childhood being indoctrinated in the Christian faith. I even did Bible exams getting honours in all my exams, therefore, I know the Bible fairly well. However, despite this intensive Christian upbringing I had issues with it from a very young age.  I debated the Elders of the church about evolution at the tender age of 11.  I told them that the Bible got it wrong and that Creationism was just a story cause they didn’t understand evolution, I was told I believed this because I didn’t have enough faith.  This taught me a valuable lesson – religion causes ignorance. Religion has no scope for the acquisition of knowledge and admitting that your previous belief was wrong. You are told that you must believe the word of God and to doubt it or find fault in it is a sign of your lack of faith.  How is that a good thing?

To address the crucifixion of Christ which is seen by Christians as the greatest sign of God’s love and compassion for the human race you need to examine what Christians believe about God. Christians are taught about the Trinity: the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Ghost. They taught these are not three separate identities or people, but are just the three different faces or aspects of God.  Jesus is God and God as Christians are taught is immortal.  Therefore how is the crucifixion of Jesus a sacrifice when Jesus aka God is immortal? He can not die. Therefore giving up his mortal life is no sacrifice at all.  He will not cease to exist which is what will happen if one of us gives up our life to protect the lives of others.  No, Jesus just basically has a nap and wakes up as a immortal being. How much of sacrifice is it to say, listen I love you so much, I will just have a sleep for three days to prove it to you? If someone told you that they were going to prove their undying love to you by having a sleep, you would laugh at them. Therefore, how come when it is Jesus/God doing it is it seen as the greatest sacrifice and act of love and compassion ever witnessed by the human race?

Also Christianity condons and even encourages some of the most violent and hateful crimes seen by humans.  The Bible tells us that it is okay to enslave people from foreign lands and kill them if they displease us.  It also tells us that the killing of homosexuals and adulterers pleases God. Abortion doctor killers are literally carrying out what they are told in the Bible is a righteous and just act when they gun down doctors in front of abortion clinics. Most modern day Christians will claim that these parts of the Bible are just remnants of an ancient time and that they just should not be followed.  But what makes these acts abhorrent and other parts of the Bible still in fashion not abhorrent and worth believing in? Nothing. God never told the Christians to stop believing in them and therefore, logically speaking Christians should be going around stoning adulterers and killing homosexuals if they are truly following the word of God. This makes the Christian religion extremely hypocritical. Christians don’t even believe the word of God any more.

Therefore, yes, I ‘hate’ Christianity as it breeds ignorance, forces blind devotion if you are to be counted as one of the faithful and cherry picks parts of its most sacred texts to follow depending on the society in which the religion is practised.  It should not be wondered why I dislike it so much, but why people even believe in and practice this religion any more.

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13 Responses to Why I ‘Hate’ Christianity

  1. DogTags says:

    You said “I’m an atheist, therefore I dislike all religions….” You really mean “I dislike all other religions than atheism.” You see, you are a person of faith. You may think you vilify faith, but you do have faith. Your faith is in the non-existence of God, or at least, that you yourself are god.

    You have been indoctrinated into the religion of evolution, which is really a ridiculous theory if looked at honestly. You may not have had enough faith as a child, but now you have plenty of faith to believe that a big bang (a cause) happened without a causer, and that matter spontaneously appeared out of nothing, and that given enough time all the elements (that came from nothing) formed themselves together to make simple life, then evolved over eons to make different species, to eventually make man. Your god really is “time” because you believe the impossible is possible given enough time.

    I admire your faith. Here I have all this evidence of design in nature pointing to a designer, but you believe in evolution despite the evidence. I admire your faith. You believe in evolution despite no transitional forms ever being discovered in the fossil record, or no transitional forms being observed anywhere in the world today. You put faith in “science” even though there is no hope ever of scientists combining materials in a lab to produce life. You believe despite the enormous odds (that are statistically impossible) for life to be generated spontaneously, and that benificial mutations led to different species, despite no mutation ever being beneficial. Your faith isn’t shaken despite numerous hoaxes like Piltdown man, Nebraska man, Java man, Neanderthal man, Haekel’s faked embryo drawings, the Brontosaurus fraud, the Lucy hominid fraud, pieced together bone fragments from miles apart and assembled as one fossil, the Archaeoraptor and on and on and on. You may not have had enough faith as a child, but you have enough faith now.

    Congratulations on your blind devotion to your faith. You are what you despise.

    • Riayn says:

      Atheism is not a religion. It does not have a belief system. All atheism is that there is not currently any proof that God exists. That is it. Atheism does not force you to believe in evolution. People such as myself may have that belief, but it is not mandatory.

      I also don’t believe in Science. The scientific method is simply a process of investigation and discovery Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t force you to believe in anything. However, the wonderful thing about science is that through its proper use we can prove previously held beliefs wrong and willingly admit it. Religion does not give you the freedom to admit you were wrong. I would much rather stand up and say I was wrong when solid evidence is shown to disprove a previously held position then to turn away in ignorance and ignore the evidence just so I can hold onto my belief.

      • DogTags says:

        You are wrong. Atheism does have a believe system. Atheism makes man into his own god, deciding for himself how he is to live his life. You put your faith in the non-existence of God. You live your life as if there is no God because you convince yourself “there is not currently any proof that God exists.” You simply reject the evidence.

        God does not force people to believe in anything either. You have free will to believe or reject truth. You are not free from the eternal consequences, though. What you believe does matter. You are not without faith. You may make up what you believe, which is a rejection of what others believe, but you believe it on faith. You ignore the heavens declaring the glory of God. You reject the exquisite design in nature, which can only point to a Designer.

        I suspect it is not because of intellect that you reject God, but because of will.

  2. Riayn says:

    It is not free will to tell people that they can live their lives however they like but if they don’t follow the word of God they are going to face eternal damnation.

    If you have good solid evidence that proves the existence of God that does not refer to faith or belief, please share it with me.

    • Fiona says:

      I have found that arguing against religious people simply makes them put up wall which make them say “lalalala I believe in god and you can’t change my mind”

      If god or Jesus or Ganesh rocked up and showed me they were there, then cool, I’ll probably be more open to the idea.

  3. MikeinAlaska says:

    Regarding Fiona’s comment about Christian’s not changing their mind. One reason I am not able to change my mind as a believer in God, the Bible and Jesus is that it is as real to me as my wife or children. If you walk in my house and tell me my wife is not there. I’d point to her and say, “If you can’t see her, you must be blind, she is standing right there.” How that applies is many Christians take the word of God from the Bible and apply it to their lives. They see the application of it work in ways that to us, is inexplicable outside of God’s intervention. One example is in the book of James, it says, “If anyone of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault.” Lacking wisdom in countless situations, I start talking out loud, saying, “God, your word says, If anyone lacks wisdom….I don’t understand what to do about this situation at hand.” I spell it out, whether it’s honoring my wife, raising my kids, work challenges, etc.” The wisdom comes to mind, you apply it to the situation, and it gets resolved. I’m not praying to tree’s, the universal mind, the universe, but to the God of the Bible. You do that over a 25 year period and get consistent results and it builds your belief to be…kind of like a wall that cannot be broken or penetrated. So when a non-believer, an atheist, a secular humanist comes up and says, “Prove it to me scientifically that there is a God.” I wonder why are you so myopic that God would only make himself known to people who understand science. That is just one area where to me, this idea of no God is pretty ridiculous. That is just one area of many, where I just shake my head as there is nothing that you could say or show me that would convince me otherwise. Everything that DogTags says about everything begging a designer and the lack of evidence for evolution rings true with me as well.

  4. Well I for one think this post is fantastic. Especially enjoyed your first response in the comments about atheism and sceince. Nice one. Usually I tend to take a line where I think, well, if its really important to people to believe in god (or do X Y or Z) then they should do it, as long as it doesn’t harm others or take away any of their freedoms. But if you look at what the Christian religion (I wish I could speak more generally about religion, but Christianity is also the religion I am the most familiar with) is particularly good at justifying taking away freedoms. You shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion. Same sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to get married. And on and on and on into murder and all the insanity that has been perpetrated in the name of religion since it started. And so I don’t feel like I can sit back and just accept religion, or even just leave off criticizing it or poking fun of it, it’s actively fucking with other people’s lives, and all over some made up bullshit. It actually kind of baffles me how many people are still into it today.

  5. Rudy T. Miller says:

    Religion is simply the idolazation of the human ego. The ego uses all sorts of little tricks to convince us of the ‘existence’ of ‘god’. This is because the little human ego cannot even begin to imagine the day when it ceases to exist, i.e. in death. (The ‘wisdom’ MikeinAlaska is talking about comes from his own individual human mind, not from ‘god’.) Think about it: the next time you see a religious person’s faith disproven, watch and see how angry he/she gets. When the ego is affronted by irrefutable evidence, emotion (usually violent emotion, whether expressed or restrained) is the result. In fact, emotion is the entire foundation of faith, because reason will eventually totally undermine and destroy all falsely-based faith. Faith sits on shakey ground, and it is easily demolished in the light of reason. This is why reason is warned against in the bible (no caps earned, as far as I am concerned. The bible is just another collection of pages written by the hand of man.)

  6. h8theists says:

    Don’t worry man, I hate christianity to.

    I just got kicked off of a religious debate site because I said christards, they booted me for that. I fucking hate christians, for a number of reasons.
    1) Exaggerated claims

    2) Lying and asking loaded questions.

    3) Acting as if their shit doesn’t stink.

    I could go on forever… In short; Fuck those fairies and their woe is me attitudes.
    Always whining about atheists and our stances. If you don’t like what we have to say, fucking shoot yourself or ignore us. It’s pretty fuckin obvious that you don’t have to.

  7. AllyouneedisHislove says:

    I myself am a Christian and I can see a lot of valid thoughts on this site that intrigue me, for sure. I can’t theologically debate anyone, I’ll just be honest, I am not a bible know it all and don’t pretend to be. All I know is, I was once pretty lost (to say the least), and broken and I don’t think I’m better than anyone because I used to live worse than anyone I know. I am humbled to the fact that I am not better than any single person no matter what their belief system is. One thing I wanted to say for whomever it concerns.. You will never really know whether or not God exists until you give up for Him.. If you humble yourself (not testing God’s existence) but genuinely want to know because you realize you need Him, then He will absolutely reveal Himself to you… I know because it happened to me and I’ve never been the same. Maybe you have prayed something like that before, and didn’t see anything and maybe you got angry and frustrated with God. I must tell you though, in love, He didn’t show Himself because He is a good God.. He doesn’t play these “well if you exist, do this and that, over THERE, right….now!” He heard you but He can’t and won’t come to you because He has already stated in the Bible that He will not be tested. But He LOVES you, you can’t even see how desperately He wants to show you that He is here, not far away. He wants to open your eyes to His love. If you want that, then ask.. He will show you. I’d stake my life on it.

  8. Randi says:

    If god created me, and knows all about me, then he would know that I need proof. Why would he create someone that he already knew was going to require proof? If he did, then he is a horrible god. He set me up from the get go. Why create me? It makes no sense what so ever.

    And that dogtags person above… WOW!! There is proof right there that god does not exist. What good has that person ever done in this world. What a loser.

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