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Jesus: Madman or Something Worse

Madman or Something Worse is a fascinating documentary for anyone who has an interest in theology and should be made mandatory for anyone calling themselves a Christian. Written by Peter Brietbart, it examines Jesus’ teachings and compares them to today’s … Continue reading

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Germany: The Land of Clean Toilets

When tourists visit Germany one of the things they most complain about is having to pay to use the toilet.  Using a public restroom in Germany can cost anywhere from 20c to €1. However, paying to use the toilet is … Continue reading

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Run, Fat Chick, Run!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve put some weight on since I moved to Germany.  I blame the Northern Hemisphere winter and being exposed to gorgeous German food 24/7 as well as a complete failure to do any proper exercise. … Continue reading

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Not Your Normal Type Of Girl

I’m very comfortable with my self-identity: a geeky, socially awkward, men’s clothes wearing lesbian. What I am becoming more aware of is how I really don’t seem to fit in anywhere.  I was aware I was different when I lived … Continue reading

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Australia is opening its borders for immigrants, except they aren’t really

When I left Australia 9 months ago there was a fierce election going on between the Labor (liberal) and Liberal (conservative) parties.  Both parties were promising new anti-immigration policies, which was rather amusing given that the Labor candidate was born … Continue reading

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