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Procrastinating About Packing

In less than 24 hours, I will be part way through my 30 hour journey to Australia. You would think therefore that I would have my suitcase mostly packed and be all ready to go.  However, you underestimate just how … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones – Now With Lyrics

With all the interpretations of the Game of Thrones theme it was only a matter of time until someone wrote some lyrics for it.  Fortunately that person was Karliene and she has done an incredible job. Also, the video that … Continue reading

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Autumn Is Coming

Autumn is coming.  The leaves on the trees are slowly turning yellow.  Days that used to get dark at 10pm are now getting dark at 9pm.  I’m not ready for Autumn, not yet.  I feel like I have barely had … Continue reading

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From Tuning Out To Tuning In

When I first arrived in Germany almost a year ago (has it really been that long?), I couldn’t understand a word of German, therefore when people spoke German around me I just tuned out.  I couldn’t understand it no matter … Continue reading

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Was ist grün und sitzen an Klavier?

The group dynamics at Improv have shifted.  When I first started it was made up primarily of expats with a sprinkling of Germans who spoke English.  Now it has changed to half expats and half Germans who speak English, which … Continue reading

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I’m in love….

… with my apartment.  Seriously, I love my apartment.  It just has this amazing vibe that I really can’t describe.  At home, I catch myself at times grinning for no other reason than that I love being in this space.  … Continue reading

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CSD Hamburg 2011

Yesterday I went to my very first Christopher Street Day (Pride) parade in Hamburg.  Since moving to Hamburg, I haven’t had an opportunity to connect with the GLBT community so I was looking forward to the Parade and StraßenFest. The … Continue reading

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