7 Links Blogging Project

The wonderful FrauDietz nominated me to take part in the 7 Links Blogging Project about two weeks ago and I have been unbelievably slack in not posting this until now. The aim is to pick 7 of your own posts that fit into the 7 different categories. This was extremely hard as I find it so difficult to judge my own posts.

So, without further delay, onto the posts….

Your most beautiful post

My most beautiful post is Christmas Lights Photos as Christmas lights can be nothing but beautiful, even if the photographer is not that good. Although Hamburg in the Snow comes a very close second.

Your most popular post

My most popular post is Female Asperger’s Syndrome Traits. This post has gotten just over 1,500 views in this year alone and my blog doesn’t get much traffic. The way females present with Asperger’s Syndrome is not very well known, even by the experts so I can understand why this post is so popular.

Your most controversial post

My most controversial post has been Apparently Racism is OK in Hamburg which talks about what I find to be a racist poster for a show by a well known comedy duo. What I found most disappointing was that in the comments sections both Germans and expats thought that comedians pulling the stereotypical Chinese face was nothing to get upset about as Asia is so far away and there are not many Asians living in Germany.  In my mind, racism is still racism whether there are many people from that race living in a country or not.

Your most helpful post

Asperger’s seems to be the media’s popular disorder of the decade.  Suddenly it seems to be almost cool to have your TV series contain a character who is on the Autism spectrum. However, very few people have any real idea of what Asperger’s is besides people with this disorder being socially inept.  Therefore, I wrote So What Exactly Is Asperger’s? to help improve knowledge about this disorder.

A post whose success surprised you

For some reason, you blog about a cute redhead in Doctor Who using a catch phrase from the series and everyone comes to take a look at it.  Come Along Pond.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Being a lesbian blogger, although I don’t blog about GLBT issues much, and human rights supporter I found the Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax extremely damaging not only for the lesbian blogosphere but more importantly for real Syrian activists trying to get their stories heard.  My post, The Damage Done By The Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax, got very little traffic which surprised me slightly as I thought this was an interesting topic and people would want to discuss the potential (and unfortunately, as it turned out later, actual) fallout of this one white guy’s hoax on the Assad opposition movement.

The post that you are most proud of

The post I’m most proud of is The Benefits of Drama Classes for Kids with Asperger’s & Autism mainly because a commenter who works as a drama teacher and teaches drama to kids on the spectrum asked if she could print out my post and give it to parents of kids with autism who are considering enrolling in her class.

I’m now supposed to nominate five bloggers to take part in this blogging project, but since I got around to doing it so late, I’m going to forgo this step.  However, if you are interested in doing this on your blog, please go ahead and post the link in the comments.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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1 Response to 7 Links Blogging Project

  1. fraudietz says:

    Great collection of posts – and I’m not just saying that because you called me wonderful ;) Your ‘most surprising’ made me laugh out loud. Come along Pond :D

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