Was ist grün und sitzen an Klavier?

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The group dynamics at Improv have shifted.  When I first started it was made up primarily of expats with a sprinkling of Germans who spoke English.  Now it has changed to half expats and half Germans who speak English, which I think is just awesome.  This also means there is much more opportunity to speak German at the pub afterwards if you so desire.

It so happens that at the pub last night for some unknown and probably very strange reason we started to tell jokes in German. My German is most kindly described as barely functional, but thankfully these jokes were on par with those told by five year olds and using extremely basic vocabulary. Also those telling the jokes spoke very slowly and went over words anyone didn’t understand. Due to this I could understand and laugh along with everyone at the punchline.  It was an awesome feeling to not only understand something in German but be truly part of the conversation, rather than just understanding a word here and there and having no idea what was going on and what everyone is laughing about.

So, was ist grün und sitzen an Klavier?

Kiwi Wonder!

I didn’t say that they were good jokes.

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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7 Responses to Was ist grün und sitzen an Klavier?

  1. Well it took me a moment but I laughed. :) Glad you’re having such a great time with Improv.

  2. Deb says:

    And here I thought it must be Kermit.
    It was quite a thrill to see German in the timeline, I haven’t really used it since just after highschool but I did enjoy it. It must be great to feel included in a strange place.

  3. The Grammar Carpenter says:

    Was ist grün und sitzt am Klavier? (am = an dem Klavier)

    Was ist grün und auf Knopfdruck rot?
    Ein Frosch im Mixer!

  4. GermanAspie says:

    I’m a high German speaker. A part of my family lives in Bavaria. As you surely know, if an original Bavarian speaks in his dialect, many other Germans are not able to understand a single word.

    A friend of mine was with me for a short trip to Bavaria. We met a few friends of mine. They are all original Bavarian and speak with strong dialect. My high German speaking friend was not able to understand anything.

    So I said to her, “Always nod your head, then everything is ok.”

    We all had so much fun together. We laughed the whole time, especially if we looked too Anne with her nodding head. Hach, thus funny. When I think about it, I must laugh again.

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