Procrastinating About Packing

In less than 24 hours, I will be part way through my 30 hour journey to Australia. You would think therefore that I would have my suitcase mostly packed and be all ready to go.  However, you underestimate just how much procrastination I am capable of.  My suitcase is not mostly packed or even partially packed, it is still sitting in the closet full of crap I couldn’t find anywhere else to put.  I do have my tickets printed out and folded carefully in my passport folder so you know I’m not totally disorganised.

I think my procrastination stems from the fact that whilst I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and family, I am not even remotely looking forward to the 30 hours it will take me to travel from Hamburg and Sydney and I’m even less thrilled about the 5 hours layover at Heathrow I have to endure.  I’m also slightly worried about what my emotional reaction is going to be being back in the city where my entire life fell apart.

So my procrastination continues, but I will be forced to do something about it all when I get home from work.  I wonder just how quickly one can pack a suitcase for a 2 week holiday to Australia?

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A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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8 Responses to Procrastinating About Packing

  1. tehnyit says:

    I sense your feeling about the flight back to Australia. We are embarking on our home visit to Melbourne at the end of the year. Couple that with two young boys (3yr and 6yr), a stop over in Heathrow for a few hours, the flight back is going to be interesting to say the least. Then there is the return journey to Cologne to consider!

    Good luck!

  2. Stereo says:

    Heathrow!!! So close to my house yet so far away from me :( But yes, dude. 30 hours. There aren’t words.

  3. papascott says:

    I haven’t done 5 hours in Heathrow since the ’80s when Pan Am via JFK and Heathrow was the cheapest way to get to Hamburg from the States. And we were willing to put up with anything for cheap!

  4. Don’t forget to bring all your charging cords! At least if you forget something, you’re going somewhere familiar and you can just pick it up. I hope you have a nice time!

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  6. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday…and that the flight wasn’t too horrible!

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