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A Tough Week

I’ve had a tough week emotionally this week.  My emotions have been all over the place, but mainly in the downwards directions.  I blame the constant fog, cold damp weather and lack of sunlight.  I’ve beaten myself up for having … Continue reading

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Being A Bigot Is Not Okay

I was shocked, genuinely shocked, when I read a news report titled Herman Cain Was Elated When He Learned That His Muslim-Sounding Doctor Wasn’t Muslim. For those of you who have been staying away from the circus that is US … Continue reading

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This Is The Beginning

I was listening to Boy’s new album Mutual Friends last night and I actually paid attention to the lyrics of the first track of the album, This Is The Beginning.  They beautifully sum up the expat experience for me. Open … Continue reading

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Surviving Cocksucker

When I arrived in Hamburg just over a year ago, I promptly joined the English language theatre group, The Hamburg Players, and have been doing Improv with them every since.  The Hamburg Players also do three players a year, but … Continue reading

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Photogasm: Aussie Animals

When I was in Newcastle visiting my parents, my dad and I went to the Blackbutt Nature Reserve so that we could get in some practice photographing animals. They are tough things to photograph, but I think I got some … Continue reading

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Hunger For The Hunger Games?

Have you seen the trailer yet? If not, here it is. So what did you think about it? Your honest opinions, please. I read the books a couple of months ago and I loved them (well, the first 2, the … Continue reading

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Rock Out in German

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know, I’m struggling to learn German.  One of my main problems is being able to understand what is being said to me. I’ve been told that … Continue reading

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