Hunger For The Hunger Games?

Have you seen the trailer yet? If not, here it is.

So what did you think about it? Your honest opinions, please.

I read the books a couple of months ago and I loved them (well, the first 2, the 3rd wasn’t as good) and I was excited about the film coming out.  I was also pleased that the teens were going to finally get a film that didn’t have a weak, pathetic female lead (yes, Twilight I’m looking at you). However, I have to admit the trailer hasn’t filled me with excitement. Katniss seems nowhere near as badass as she is in the books.  I’m really hoping that they just picked the wrong scenes in the trailer and her badassness hasn’t been watered down.

Another thing that bugged me is that Effie has pink hair. Not the white blonde it is in the trailer.  It’s a little thing, but they could have stuck true to the book and given her a pink wig instead of a white one.  Yes, I’m one of those people. If a character is described to have certain features, then I want to see them on screen.

I really hope that the film will live up to the books, but the trailer, unfortunately, has not.

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5 Responses to Hunger For The Hunger Games?

  1. Stereo says:

    Honestly? I’m not excited. Not in the slightest. I hate when films ruin books for me and this looks like it could do just that. Much of the casting is appalling (Peeta? come on, yo) and I just can’t seem to get past my shock and horror at Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss.

    • Riayn says:

      I must admit that I’ve never heard of Jennifer Lawerence, who is she? Although I agree with you that Peeta doesn’t match my image of him when I was reading the book, nor does Primrose.

  2. Oh jesus I don’t know. I got really nervous before watching the preview because it is really going to kill me if this movie turns out to suck, I loved those books so much. When I first heard about Jennifer Lawrence getting the role I was actually pretty excited (I think he last film was Winter Bones, Riayn, which I seem to recall winning a ton of prizes for indie films or something, even if it didn’t, it was really good). Now I’m not so sure. And that is SO not how Peeta looks. I didn’t remember Effie having pink hair, but if I did, that would be bothering the hell out of me right now too. Fingers crossed that they don’t fuck it up.

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