A Night At The Weihnachtsmarkt

My German class has a tradition (we’ve done it twice so it counts as a tradition, right?) that when the Weihnachtsmärkts open, we pick a date to head out after class to partake in a large quantity of Glühwein.  That date was last night. Alas, the evening was marred with sadness as my German teacher announced that she was leaving and we would have a brand new teacher on Tuesday night.  It was very sad as she has been my teacher ever since I arrived in Germany and has now become a friend.  She was the first one to suggest that our class spend time together after class getting to know each other better and has made our class its own little tight-knit community. It will be very weird not seeing her every Tuesday and Thursday nights. However, we have promised to keep up our monthly drinking sessions.

Despite the sadness, the evening was a fun one with much, perhaps too much, Glühwein being consumed by all involved. I had a rather in-depth discussion about Italian politics with my Italian classmate (see there is a benefit to my CNN obsession) and my Costa Rician classmate and I had a very spirited conversation about how red-headed girls with freckles are cute and yet still no one in my class has twigged to the fact that I’m gay. What does a girl have to do to come out of the closet these days?  Also, there was a very drunken lament that me and my French Canadian classmate had at the end of the evening that we couldn’t play heads or tails with a 2 euro coin cause the Queen isn’t on the Euro and thus how does one know which side is heads? Even sober, I can’t work out which side of the Euro coin is heads and which one is tails.

I’m really feeling the effects of a very late night combined with the consumption of a vast quantity of Glühwein today. However, I’m feeling extremely grateful that I get to have experiences like these in my life. You can’t beat a fun night with friends, even if it does leave you feeling like death warmed over the next day.


About Meg

A thirty something queer Aussie geek girl who now lives in Germany.
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3 Responses to A Night At The Weihnachtsmarkt

  1. Welchen Markt habt ihr besucht?

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