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Pulling My Finger Out

With the failure of my Fluent in 3 Months language challenge and the depressing realisation that everyone in my class speaks better German than I do, I have decided to pull my finger out and get serious about learning German. … Continue reading

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Improve Your German with a Web Series

As you know I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my German, especially my ability to understand spoken German. The website Young Germany has a section that is full of great resources to help improve your German. One … Continue reading

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Failure of the 3 Month Language Challenge. Time to start over.

My ambitious challenge to become conversational in German in just three months failed due to one reason alone : I did not make learning German a priority. Yes, I went to my twice weekly classes, did all my homework, spoke … Continue reading

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It’s The Little Victories

When I first moved to Germany a year ago and had to start functioning in German, it was being able to accomplish the little things that brought such joy. Things such as ordering lunch without having to switch into English … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Week One

I have now been speaking German in the office for one week. In that week, I’ve come to realised just how much German I need to learn.  It is a little daunting, but I always knew that the road ahead … Continue reading

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From Tuning Out To Tuning In

When I first arrived in Germany almost a year ago (has it really been that long?), I couldn’t understand a word of German, therefore when people spoke German around me I just tuned out.  I couldn’t understand it no matter … Continue reading

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Was ist grün und sitzen an Klavier?

The group dynamics at Improv have shifted.  When I first started it was made up primarily of expats with a sprinkling of Germans who spoke English.  Now it has changed to half expats and half Germans who speak English, which … Continue reading

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