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Surviving Cocksucker

When I arrived in Hamburg just over a year ago, I promptly joined the English language theatre group, The Hamburg Players, and have been doing Improv with them every since.  The Hamburg Players also do three players a year, but … Continue reading

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My Love Life Is DOA

There should probably be a ban against using lines from the Friends theme song as blog titles, but it is so damn fitting that it was literally screaming out to be used. Apologises to everyone who has an adverse reaction … Continue reading

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My First Year in Deutschland

Today, a year ago, I arrived in Hamburg with a suitcase, a backpack and a job offer, not knowing a single soul, barely a word of German and being an emotional wreck from the sudden ending of a 10 year … Continue reading

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My cousin is currently visiting me in Hamburg for 2 days. A cousin I’ve not seen in over 20 years after his father decided he wanted nothing to do with the rest of the family. It has been wonderful catching … Continue reading

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Autumn Is Coming

Autumn is coming.  The leaves on the trees are slowly turning yellow.  Days that used to get dark at 10pm are now getting dark at 9pm.  I’m not ready for Autumn, not yet.  I feel like I have barely had … Continue reading

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CSD Hamburg 2011

Yesterday I went to my very first Christopher Street Day (Pride) parade in Hamburg.  Since moving to Hamburg, I haven’t had an opportunity to connect with the GLBT community so I was looking forward to the Parade and StraßenFest. The … Continue reading

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A Beach Club At The Geese Market

Every day I walk through the small cobblestone square known as Gänsemarkt (literally translated Geese Market) on my way to work.  Quite often you seen stalls erected here for various events and it is the location of one of Hamburg’s … Continue reading

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