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Day 1 of the Fluent in 3 Months Language Challenge

With the Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German Reunification Day) holiday on Monday, yesterday was my first day in the office speaking only German. The good news is that I survived it.  The even better news is that it was nowhere … Continue reading

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Does Living In A Non-English Speaking Country Change The Way You Speak English?

Having lived in Germany for almost six months and spending most of my time speaking English to non-native English speakers I have found that the way I structure my sentences and the words I choose has changed dramatically.  It sometimes … Continue reading

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How German Is Screwing Up My English

In the four months that I’ve been living in Germany and learning German I have found that my English has gotten progressively worse.  It seems the better my German gets, the worse my English becomes.  I find myself forgetting the … Continue reading

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You look really German

I was buying a card at a local shop and, as what happens so much these days, the transaction was going fine until the cashier said something in German I didn’t understand. I apologised and said my standard line “Ich … Continue reading

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