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Homophobia in the Family

For those of you who are new readers, I’m gay.  I came out to my parents 14 years ago.  It did not go well.  I remember it as a time when my mother screamed down the phone at me constantly … Continue reading

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The Process of Coming Out Again and Again

I read, with some interest, the EW interview with Sean Maher (Firefly!) in which he comes out of the closet after a career of almost 14 years, citing extreme fear as to why he didn’t do so much earlier. I … Continue reading

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My Love Life Is DOA

There should probably be a ban against using lines from the Friends theme song as blog titles, but it is so damn fitting that it was literally screaming out to be used. Apologises to everyone who has an adverse reaction … Continue reading

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The Damage Done By The Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax

Lots has been written about the Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax perpetuated by Tom MacMaster. There are many people in the lesbian blogosphere who are feeling hurt by this man’s lies over a staggering 5 years that he pretended to … Continue reading

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